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A discussion board where individuals respond to content, teach each other, learn by stating and understanding. It encourages critical thinking and allows individuals to have the flexibility to reflect on their thoughts and to take a position on issues. The goal is to facilitate a professional communication process with your peers in a meaningful manner, value such professional interchange, and for electronic communication to facilitate the process.


Population Health Informatics addresses the growing opportunity to use technology to implement evidence-based solutions for the improvement of population health outcomes. Individuals from various disciplines with an interest in population health informatics Research, Innovation, Skills and Entrepreneurship are brought together to help solve the public health challenges of the 21st century. We will broadly discuss issues such as Education, Economy, Employment, Good Health and Well-Being, Policy, and Governance from the lens of Equity and sustainability empowered by Sustainable Multisector Accessible Affordable Reimbursable and Tailored Solutions.


Ashish Joshi is a dean and distinguished university professor in School of Public Health, University of Memphis, TN, USA. He conceptualized this platform to discuss, debate, share knowledge, and encourage dialog related to Population Health Informatics approaches to advancing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This platform is open to students, professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs, researchers and policy makers to discuss how technology can be used at the intersection of clinical care and health sciences to strengthen efforts for preventive care at the population level.

COVID-19 Discussion

It is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when we are in the middle of pandemic crisis like COVID-19. The uncertainty and some of the worries related to education, employment, finances, and elderly parents, interrupt our routines, our lifestyles and mental health. This intensified by messages across news channels and social media increase sense of anxiety. Such stressors disturb sleeping and eating patterns, leads to irritability or emotional outbursts, low motivation, and changes in use of alcohol or other drugs. It is also important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and get back into a routine.
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